Tuesday, December 21, 2010

grew tomato man!

still remembered tomato man??hahaha..tomato man one of 10 vegetables heroes..anime from 80's and 90's.. dulu, i love to hear tomatoman theme song..very captivated..hehehe...neway,i'm not going to write about tomato man,but about the tomato above , my mom grew its in our garden,i though the malaysian climate not very suitable to grow up tomato noncommercial, but still, we manage to grow it in our own home,mybe becoz now is the month of December,so cuaca not very hot n linen sikit kan..from my observation its best month to grow tomato in u're own garden, pokok tomato ni sensitif sikit dgn panas,klu matahari terik je,pokok dia terus yellowish,n mcm tak bermaya je..n its also need much water to grow,tomato ni very fresh, n sweet also, its really differ from tomato u bought at mart, becoz we grew it organically,without any chemical and all, so its preserve natural taste n freshness..give it a try,it worth to grow its by u're own..neway,for those who miss tomato man like me,here the theme song from tomato man series,with a lyric too..hihi

tomato tomano tomato matok,
tomato tomano tomato matok
tomato ke mizaru
tomato ke miza..u
tomato yate i ka kuda monnoka
tomato juzsubanominonate
tomato keca abut tak kiru monno
karu ka karu kade kasbishita’e
sora sora kotaewot
kokenoto tomatoman!
tomato tomado yu tomato matok
tomato tomado yu tomato mato
tomato ki itta’u tomato ki itta’u
tomatoman !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

past present future~

i'm not living to think of the past neither the future..i'm living for the present..future is unpredictable n the past was something bygone..its worth nothing to think both..we couldn't grab the past again,coz its farthest distance, u just could remind of it..n the future,is something we never know,we can plan,but the result maybe different, in future we also will dispose..its time that we can't ever imagine..n beyond our knowledge, i'm living for the present..cos its the only time i fell n experince everything,there's no memories or suprise..we just let our self go through with the time and situation, we can't avoid it by fact..actually, i avoided myself from thinking sumthing from the past, coz its sumtimes really hard to remind it and in other time its make me ungrateful to live in the present..like i really need time machine to travel back to pastime..and it also not me to think of the future, future is not the life that u predict, not the life that u aspect to be like u're dream, i'm not dare to dream thoroughly, i have lots of dream, n not devoted to only one, i like to keep myself lots of options for the future,coz future is really strange to me, the place that by a chance i will reach someday n have no idea how its will be..so that how i set my mind, not to think both!some people would think i'm forgetful, and some will think i'm lack determination..n i'm really not to think of what other think~for me,we really helpless to think of the past n future~

p/s:i'm not english teacher,so i'm really bad with grammar..fuhh..
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

is it wrong to dream my dream??

~sungguh tidak faham..salahkan kita mempunyai mimpi dan memimpikan mimpi-mimpi kita tu??my friend said this to me...long before.."alah,mimpi je,tak kena bayar pun"..i really dun't understand why people question my dream..its mine not yours..its not means that semua mimpi akan jadi kenyataan..and i'm fully understand that..i just dream my dream that make me happy to think of it..its not means i need to fulfill all my dream..why took it seriusly??like i need to achieve all those dream..or just becoz i had so much dream??adalah lebih baik mempunyai banyak mimpi,kerana lebih bnyak peluang untuk disediakan for future..that why i had many dream in my mind..becoz of the time barrier, i can't fulfill any dream for now...but when the right time come, i will choose the best dream to make it real...why its so hard to understand huh???like my dream really bother u enough..i'r really grateful with my life and what i'm doing right now,and i'm still happy with it..but expectation orang disekeliling sungguh membebankn kepala!!kenapa sushkn kepala memikirkn saya??adakah saya sedang merempat meminta sedekah ditepi jalan,atau tidak ada baju untuk dipakai, atau sgt bodoh untuk berusaha,adakah saya sedang goyang2 kaki menikmati hidup??seperti org gila ditgh2 jalan...anda yang berkenaan sepatutnye susah hati,jika tiap2 malam saya pegi melepak dengan mat rempit atau menghabiskan duit anda utk kepentingan saya...but i did none of it,i'm still studying to fulfill my dream, i'm strugle with my own kudrat to earn money even not much...and i have lots of dream for my future..that make u think i'm nothing...is that so???adakah saya yang tidak bersyukur dengan diri saya..atau anda yang tidak bersyukur dengan apa saya lakukan skrg??adakah anda rasa impian2 saya sgt bodoh dan tak masuk akal sehingga sgt menyusahkan hidup anda??apakah yang anda harapkan sebenarnye??saya menjadi org berguna...adakah saya tidak berguna??
Friday, October 15, 2010


Crochet is from French word which mean hook..that what i got from Wikipedia..hehe..its an art, a part of craft and i heart it:D...crochet maybe agak tidak dikenali sgt kn..to make it simple..in Malay we call it "kait jarum satu" yes that true..yang mak2 awak buat alas meja tu..or mungkin jgak kasut baby awak..hehe..actually i'm happy with the fact that i can master this skill even not yet reach professional standard...klu gitu mesti banyak alas meja kait kat umah saya kan??oh so no no no..i'm not kait alas meja,never..ermm..i made one,tapi terbengkalai sejak berabad dulu kut..i learned this skill since i was 10 years old..that time,my nenek sedara taught me how to mengait..every weekend "tok cik" we called her, will spent her weekend at my house, and that time, she had part time job, selling kopiah kait..she had very impressive skill, but semua tu part of kenangan.."tok cik" pun da lama kembali ke rahmatullah..but still, i'm able to inherit that skill from her..my mom's also my guru for this skill..there's simple key point to learn the art of crochet, master the basic and u will boom..hehe..i'm saying the truth any how..its like u reading the manual, crochet has the coding that u need to understand, dulu my mom belajar mengait alas meja dari buku jepun..even tulisan mmg septah haram x dipahami,but the illustration will ensure u to understand all the technique used..nowadays, i just learn it from internet or youtube,google it,everything there!!ape yg saya kait ye??..hait, i made amigurami..its a type of crocheting which i believe originated from japan,since its name also amigurami which is from Japanese word is it??
i crochet a soft toy, like bunny, heart etc etc etc..between i also crocheted flower, headband, pouch,and etc etc..its fun,believe me..get u're hook and yarn..lets start crocheting:D
Friday, September 17, 2010

lets "pasta"-ing !!

its time for pasta...effect from overdose of korean drama "PASTA"...hehehe...^__^..the drama was good so this pasta i made..hahaha..for those who not very familiar in cooking pasta..i give u a simple summary about this delicious food..originated from Italian cuisine, has many variety and shape..for example, the pasta i made is using spaghetti since only this available at my house for time being, more info of pasta here..pasta commonly used olive oil,tomatoes and Parmesan cheese as it basic ingredient,but nowadays, pasta can be cooked in variety of style, whether u like it creamy, sourly, spicy..its all depends on u're taste and occasion, for me..i enjoy creamy pasta most...creamy shrimp pasta..emm..delicious..usually, i added lots of Parmesan cheese before its all goes to my mouth:D..enjoy~
its nice to enjoy pasta while listening to KYuhyun voice..(^_^)..perfect combination!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

sepasang baju melayu untuk ayah!!

As the month of Ramadan nearly to end, the mood of eid Mubarak become more excited. I went for baju raya shopping a few days ago....and there, saya terserempak dgn beberape pelangan lain who also have their hari raya shopping in the same boutique with mine. Nothing seem special, until this old average man, smiled at me and later, i noticed that,this average of malay's grandpa went to this boutique with his daughter. I saw him, mencuba beberape helai baju melayu, and i got it, dia ke butik tu untuk membeli baju melayu. He seem a litle bit shy, when his daughter trying to match him with a few of baju melayu. And this old man said,"ayah tak kisah baju mana-mana pun", he smile brightly while his daughter busy here and there trying to find the best baju melayu for him. From a far, i just keep my eyes for both of them...and deep in my heart, saya rasa sangat terharu dengan kesungguhan anak beliau meluangkan sedikit masa mencari sepasang baju melayu untuk beliau...dan dari riak si ayah, saya dapat melihat betapa dia gembira dengan kesungguhan anaknye mencari sepasang baju melayu yang terbaik untuknya, lucky him to has a daughter like that. When our parents reach their golden days, i thought this little sacrifice will bring full of joy in their life. Sepasang baju melayu untuk ayah, begitu besar maknanya. Hope i also have that chance, Sepasang Baju Melayu untuk ayah, Insyallah!!
Monday, August 30, 2010

Salam Merdeka!!

Yes, we still here, celebrating 53rd independent day of Malaysia. The land where the breath began, and where the first step counted..I'm Malaysian,anak Malaysia and that the fact. This land marked all memorable memories that i gone through. The land which supposedly full of tradition, pride, manners and the spirit of "kepahlawanan melayu". But, we not seem much of it today..frankly speaking, I'm not that type of patriotism person..just in deep of my heart, i still have a feeling, a grateful feeling by the fact that we still living in peace and harmony. Beside, much of political drama we heard and saw today, we still have freedom to live as we wish on our own land. The food is enough, the house is comfortable,the clean water still running,the ocean still provide food and leisure, no military war or nuclear exposed,we still laughing, hanging with friend and family, we still own the land,we still have a neighbour to share our happiness, we still have modern cities and civilization..and we never imagine,how if everything suddenly ending??
Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Memory of Ramadan!

Ramadan reach us again, with prosperous and glory...we enter the battle again, a war between u’rself ad nafs.. this is a month which full of blessing and love from Allah to all his servant in this universe..Thanks Allah because i’m still breath and healthy to face this Ramadhan..mungkin sudah jadi kebiasaan for us to wish each other happy Ramadan setiap kali datangnye bulan yang penuh berkat ini...i got a wish from my best friend yang dah lama x jumpa..she sent me a simple wishes, but for me its full of meaning “ Slmt bp0sa jiha.rndunye g terawih kt surau asiah 2 dgn ko.huhu”...dulu masa study kami berterawih sama2 kt surau hostel kami surau asiah...after bukak pose,my friend will knock my door and urge me yang tengah malas2 to go for a terawih together..n then kami sama2 turun pegi surau kt bawah..its not big deal mungkin..but that the last terawih i performed with her, and that also my last ramadhan with her and other friends at uia..that really a though ramadhan for me..i’m struggle with myself a lot during that Ramadan..and not long after that i choose to leave uia,and that how everything suddenly end..Even today, i still cannot avoid to tear up while remembering all this moments..sudah banyak masa berlalu...and how the story of us pergi terawih sama2..sudah menjadi cerita lapuk dan jugak satu kenangan...
Thursday, July 15, 2010

~i have lots of tears..

i have lots of tears and that is true..my tears not for depressing hour i had..or sad moment i shared..or guilty feeling i gained..or the losing step i counted..or the unsatisfying burden i carried..but the tears i shed for every humanity i saw..for every smile they expressed.. for every beautiful word said, for every sincerity given..for every struggle shown..n for the truth of beautiful life n nature that god's created..thanks..that life is created wonderfully!
Monday, June 21, 2010


its long2 holidays..n saya sangat boring!!suddenly rasa seperti ingin menulis..random topic anyhow..just feel to write this in very long time ago....i have a list of people that i consider stupid in my point of view...its not very long long list after all...it just a simple list...n the list make up by me..i'm not trying to manipulate the definition of stupid any how..just share my 10cent of thought...

i used to know sumone..who claimed intention dia adalah untuk makan for example..but then dia acted of drinking water..stupid rite??adakah niat menghalalkan cara??adakah jika kita kata "kita tidak berniat untuk makan tapi kita makan..." adakah niat dan perbuatan tu sama??i hate those people who used intention as a excuses to seek forgiveness by saying he/she not mean the acted that he/she did..human got a brain rite...that what make u different from an elephant which live in the jungle..so think carefully before u acted!!consider other please!!

and i also used to know sumone..when we give them chance to correct the wrong doing or unwanted situation but he/she totally ignored or deny it without having a second though..u're definitely monkey's baby man...u not loose u're pride if u say the truth..it thumbs of rule..because every people did a mistake..n they always have chance to make it right unless u're really stupid or blind!!

people love to joke rite???its a joke man...nothing serious..its not big deal..i'm just joking..i'm trying to be funny..i'm just playful person..n u're my friend..but again...at least u should has moral while joking rite??..its will make u respected and not look like a fool statue!!n..while joking people might be unexpectedly switch on the wrong button..that how the anger explode..n in worst case scenario..maybe it will cause a death!!sumhowe they just don't know how stupid their joke is..stop doing a stupid joke...n maybe u has a chance to be a murder!!be wise man!!

its stupid when sumone who not really understand u said that they truly understand u..how can meh...saya sndiri tak pernah phm diri saya..n how could u then..we are not wearing a same shoes any how...even how hard u try to fit u're foot in my shoes..but the truth still the truth...u just not me anyhow...i'm maybe live in the jungle because i'm too selfish...but u live in town still do not know how to civil!!

how can people care for their pride n air muka tapi masih menjatuhkn maruah org lain in front of org lain..maybe the others just not important...yeay its seem true..we as human..just too selfish..that the fact..me either...but still as a human its important to show the other a respect..unless u are soo ignorant!!

i never played that game with u..because i care for u,the fact that i know u will hate it...n i'm also hate it..but it seems so easy for u to play it with other before taking any consideration into u're account..other maybe heartless or meaningless..so u can fool them!!its easy rite..its seems like u're the most clever creature in this entire world..but the fact u just the stupid donkeys in my eyes!!

when people did a wrong thing and totally put the blame to other....(yeah..its sound familiar rite)..most people do it...because of what??because they r really have no brain!!

when sumone hurt us...and we feel like a fool or sad..should we pretend not to get sad or get mad??people who lie to their own self..really stupid...bukan tak boleh nak pretend...but pretend bila kita rasa nak pretend bukan sebab nak jaga hati org lain...we're not born to be the heart's keeper..we're are born to consider other..its different..if we feel mad..then we mad..don't said no..

why ada manusia yang sanggup diperbodohkan even they already know the truth??that u deserve the makin hamun??n its not from u're parents..its from u so called gf/bf..u have nothing attached with him/her..so don't waste u're time..and jadi masa kebodohan mereka..sebab if u let that happend u really more stupid dari mereka yang memperbodohkan anda..u have a chance to be free n well treated..is love blind or u who choose to close u're eyes n menjadi buta

i'm already sleepy...n feel stupid because still open my eyes at his hour...i know i should sleep..have a work to do tommorow:D..i'm just writing for fun..no heart feeling:D..my mom birthday tommorow..:D

Monday, May 17, 2010

~when its end...

setiap hujung kehidupan itu kematian...dan setiap perkhabaran kematian membawa bersama angin gelap yang benar-benar sejuk dan dingin..seperti tinggal seorang di tengah-tengah tanah berais tanpa seurat benang...gelap angin yang sejuk benar-benar menyakitkan..mebelati urat-urat saraf yang dalam...dan merasakan diri..sangat sendirian...
Saturday, April 24, 2010

craft Shopping today~

after had my breakfast this morning with nice coffee n slice bread..i went to our little town to do some shopping..i got a few cupcakes order..n need to buy some flour and other ingredient at my regular bakery supplier..and then make my road to buy a fresh flower for my room..i do heart a fresh flower..it really nice and warm...i stopped at flower shop in Chinese Town ..i did some walk..n on my way back i notice sewing equipment shop and they have very beautiful button with nice color too..and i bought some, decided to use for my future crochet project...argh..just busying my self like honey bee lately..n now its time for crafting again:)...also bought yellow wool yarn ...will continue my deleyed project then....a gift for my friend birthday:)
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smile on it~morning..

Have this..n shut up!!

poppy seed orange muffin bring up my morning mood..effing good:)
Friday, April 16, 2010

Good man town!!

Saya merasa diberkati dengan kenyataan bahawa Allah selalu membawa orang-orang baik dalam hidup saya! Saya senang bertemu dengan mereka dalam kehidupan sehari-hari saya .. dan kemanusiaan tidak pernah gagal menitiskan air mata di akhir cerita!Saya merasakan keselesaan dan kasih sayang.. yang membuat saya tumbuh lebih kuat hari demi hari~TERIMA KASIH!!~i wrote this entry in English at first..then i used Google translate to translate my writing..suddenly impress with the translation result in Malay:)
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

midnight baking!!

to say always not..but frequently yes..i do love baking so much..and recently i already set up my small homemade bakery online..and its really hit up day after day..i'm happy and sumtime proud with that fact..to say i'm success the path still long and shadow..but enough with my limited time,knowledge and ability..its will BIGGER one day..more than u imagine ..no no..as ElF...it said Beyond u're Imagination:)

i baked my cookies at 4 am for sure..and i called its as mind therapist..hahaha...sumhow..its really works to me..depress means baking...prob means baking again...tension means baking...happy means u really should do u're baking:)...in short...i do heart baking..hehe..making choc chips cookies this early hours..its not my first time oso making this cookies..but tonight just really happy with how's the recipe bring the satisfying result...hehe..this is choc chic cookies that i craved for a very long time..its thin..crust and of course chewy...that how its should be..but a little bit sweet for my tongue...i guess its will really goes well with a glass of milk..what the heaven...:)..unfortunately no single sign of milk left in my refrigerator for now..so just enjoyed its with a glass of plain water while surfing the internet until i just notice its already 5 am..so gud nite:)
Friday, February 26, 2010

turn back~

its happened last week..while we were busy working in the kitchen..one of my kitchen mate(sebab saya tak keje kat opis ye:P) inform us that the day after tommorow will her be her last day working there..one of my senior asked her.."nak pegi mana ko lepas nie"..n dia ckp..nak hijrah la pulak..actually she will further her study abroad..and this girl memang suka sangat berpindah randah..dah bnyak tempat dia keje before i met her..then my senior said.."ko asyik nak hijrah je".."memang la..nak cari pengalaman"kata this gal..memang ada betulnye kata dia..n than my senior mention again.."hijrah sekali dua mungkin untuk kebaikan..tapi dah asyik berhijrah sangat..dah mcm melarikan diri..hijrah ni tak perlu banyak2..bila kita tak dapat ape yang kita nak..tak perlu hijrah lagi...ko tau ape nak buat"...my kitchen mate ni diam je..tak jawab ape apepun kat senior kitorang plus dia pun mls nak layan senior tu..tapi saya yang duk dengar sesi soal jawab derang..tertanya-tanya dalam hati..ape nak buat ye lepas hijrah2 tak dapat ape2 perubahan pun..senior ni plak macam tau2 je saya tunggu jawapan..then he said.."bila kita dah banyak berhijrah and tak de kebaikan..kita kembali ke pangkal jalan..start all over again"...i'm definitely agreed with his answer..kadang-kadang..kita asyik tercari-cari...n slalu nak je nak berhijrah sana sini...tukar keje itu..tukar keje ini...mmg slalu la nak berubah..dalam sibuk kita nk buat perubahan tu..kita tak tersedar pulak..kita ni dah tersesat jalan..banyak sangat kita simpang yang telah kita redah..our journey not point to our destination anymore..kita hanyut sendiri..n then masa nie kita perlu ingat..untuk kembali ke pangkal jalan..jadi kita yang dulu..and start another new life again..No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back. ~ Turkish proverb.
Thursday, February 25, 2010

another long hiatus~

after another long hiatus..suddenly dapat ilham balik nak berblog..perlu ke ilham..actually..i write when i bored to death...my lappy currently with my sister since her lappy accidentally coma for no reason..so skang lappy dia kat icu..then my lappy la jadi penggantinye..plus plak..i used my old pc..that my father usually used to read his daily updated global or so whatever information through the blog or website yang mengarut2 for me..hahaha..hal2 orang2 tua jangan campur..as i mention this is my old pc..of course it has too much lacking..the cd player could not longer function..plus the speaker made no sound..which cause me a big2 prob..boring tak pat layan suju kat youtube or tengok citer anymore..so i really dunno what to do..than baru la teringat saya masih ada blog yang da bertaun terabai..since my last post was on december 2009..n now oleady 2010..dah dua taun berlalu..:D...n most important things..i forgot to wish happy new year to my blog..Happy belated New year than..thinking of ages..make my smile gone away..ganno be 25 years old by this coming MAY.. i really have nothing to proud of..still struggle with my study..no career yet..old bad habit that never change..still single and available:P..owh mention about single..i will try my best to get married soon..:)..its not important to have a boyfriend but its priority to have a husband..may Allah heard me..currently have my practical at kitchen hotel..which teach me lots about the truth of life..setiap pengalaman ada harganya..hanya kita yang perlu belajar mencari nilainya..i never plan to have practical here..but still i'm enjoy everyday i have here..overbusy with my cupcakes business..have a saving now..n i'm happy with that fact..banyak yang dipikirkan sekarng..try to reflect my self in many ways..i want to change constantly with my age...becoming myself..reflection on growing up female..like a phrase..when u in rome..act like a roman..when u ages be wise and mature.. i will be a better person soon..a promise to my own self..i will try my very best in life!!hope in future..not much regret to remind!!

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