Tuesday, December 14, 2010

past present future~

i'm not living to think of the past neither the future..i'm living for the present..future is unpredictable n the past was something bygone..its worth nothing to think both..we couldn't grab the past again,coz its farthest distance, u just could remind of it..n the future,is something we never know,we can plan,but the result maybe different, in future we also will dispose..its time that we can't ever imagine..n beyond our knowledge, i'm living for the present..cos its the only time i fell n experince everything,there's no memories or suprise..we just let our self go through with the time and situation, we can't avoid it by fact..actually, i avoided myself from thinking sumthing from the past, coz its sumtimes really hard to remind it and in other time its make me ungrateful to live in the present..like i really need time machine to travel back to pastime..and it also not me to think of the future, future is not the life that u predict, not the life that u aspect to be like u're dream, i'm not dare to dream thoroughly, i have lots of dream, n not devoted to only one, i like to keep myself lots of options for the future,coz future is really strange to me, the place that by a chance i will reach someday n have no idea how its will be..so that how i set my mind, not to think both!some people would think i'm forgetful, and some will think i'm lack determination..n i'm really not to think of what other think~for me,we really helpless to think of the past n future~

p/s:i'm not english teacher,so i'm really bad with grammar..fuhh..



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