Tuesday, December 21, 2010

grew tomato man!

still remembered tomato man??hahaha..tomato man one of 10 vegetables heroes..anime from 80's and 90's.. dulu, i love to hear tomatoman theme song..very captivated..hehehe...neway,i'm not going to write about tomato man,but about the tomato above , my mom grew its in our garden,i though the malaysian climate not very suitable to grow up tomato noncommercial, but still, we manage to grow it in our own home,mybe becoz now is the month of December,so cuaca not very hot n linen sikit kan..from my observation its best month to grow tomato in u're own garden, pokok tomato ni sensitif sikit dgn panas,klu matahari terik je,pokok dia terus yellowish,n mcm tak bermaya je..n its also need much water to grow,tomato ni very fresh, n sweet also, its really differ from tomato u bought at mart, becoz we grew it organically,without any chemical and all, so its preserve natural taste n freshness..give it a try,it worth to grow its by u're own..neway,for those who miss tomato man like me,here the theme song from tomato man series,with a lyric too..hihi

tomato tomano tomato matok,
tomato tomano tomato matok
tomato ke mizaru
tomato ke miza..u
tomato yate i ka kuda monnoka
tomato juzsubanominonate
tomato keca abut tak kiru monno
karu ka karu kade kasbishita’e
sora sora kotaewot
kokenoto tomatoman!
tomato tomado yu tomato matok
tomato tomado yu tomato mato
tomato ki itta’u tomato ki itta’u
tomatoman !



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