Saturday, April 24, 2010

craft Shopping today~

after had my breakfast this morning with nice coffee n slice bread..i went to our little town to do some shopping..i got a few cupcakes order..n need to buy some flour and other ingredient at my regular bakery supplier..and then make my road to buy a fresh flower for my room..i do heart a fresh really nice and warm...i stopped at flower shop in Chinese Town ..i did some walk..n on my way back i notice sewing equipment shop and they have very beautiful button with nice color too..and i bought some, decided to use for my future crochet project...argh..just busying my self like honey bee lately..n now its time for crafting again:)...also bought yellow wool yarn ...will continue my deleyed project then....a gift for my friend birthday:)
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smile on it~morning..

Have this..n shut up!!

poppy seed orange muffin bring up my morning mood..effing good:)
Friday, April 16, 2010

Good man town!!

Saya merasa diberkati dengan kenyataan bahawa Allah selalu membawa orang-orang baik dalam hidup saya! Saya senang bertemu dengan mereka dalam kehidupan sehari-hari saya .. dan kemanusiaan tidak pernah gagal menitiskan air mata di akhir cerita!Saya merasakan keselesaan dan kasih sayang.. yang membuat saya tumbuh lebih kuat hari demi hari~TERIMA KASIH!!~i wrote this entry in English at first..then i used Google translate to translate my writing..suddenly impress with the translation result in Malay:)
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

midnight baking!!

to say always not..but frequently yes..i do love baking so much..and recently i already set up my small homemade bakery online..and its really hit up day after day..i'm happy and sumtime proud with that say i'm success the path still long and shadow..but enough with my limited time,knowledge and ability..its will BIGGER one day..more than u imagine said Beyond u're Imagination:)

i baked my cookies at 4 am for sure..and i called its as mind therapist..hahaha...sumhow..its really works to me..depress means baking...prob means baking again...tension means baking...happy means u really should do u're baking:) short...i do heart baking..hehe..making choc chips cookies this early hours..its not my first time oso making this cookies..but tonight just really happy with how's the recipe bring the satisfying result...hehe..this is choc chic cookies that i craved for a very long time..its thin..crust and of course chewy...that how its should be..but a little bit sweet for my tongue...i guess its will really goes well with a glass of milk..what the heaven...:)..unfortunately no single sign of milk left in my refrigerator for just enjoyed its with a glass of plain water while surfing the internet until i just notice its already 5 gud nite:)

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