Thursday, April 23, 2009

What i would like to change about myself?

Being a normal human being, I'm always struggled to be the perfect one.Back to 3 or 4 years ago,I still remembered that i had the long list of things that i wanted to change about myself.That was the moment where i struggled to be independent and mature, from a teenage to the adult. Along that journey , i keep thinking how to be the perfect person. I gave a less thought in every move i took, i keep changed myself to be something i couldn't,then i realized that i moved in wrong direction. When that happened, it was back to square one for me.I'm too rushing in the past. When this question asked again in my life, I'm very sure for now,that nothing i want to change about myself. I'm really grateful to be what I'm for now on. I know i'm not the perfect one, but i learned from my past life,to appreciate myself more than everything else. Yes, of course i had my own bad attitude, and sometimes i'm rude, but that what made me an ordinary person.I believe that as long as i act what the human should be, so that it is enough to keep on living.


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