Tuesday, December 21, 2010

grew tomato man!

still remembered tomato man??hahaha..tomato man one of 10 vegetables heroes..anime from 80's and 90's.. dulu, i love to hear tomatoman theme song..very captivated..hehehe...neway,i'm not going to write about tomato man,but about the tomato above , my mom grew its in our garden,i though the malaysian climate not very suitable to grow up tomato noncommercial, but still, we manage to grow it in our own home,mybe becoz now is the month of December,so cuaca not very hot n linen sikit kan..from my observation its best month to grow tomato in u're own garden, pokok tomato ni sensitif sikit dgn panas,klu matahari terik je,pokok dia terus yellowish,n mcm tak bermaya je..n its also need much water to grow,tomato ni very fresh, n sweet also, its really differ from tomato u bought at mart, becoz we grew it organically,without any chemical and all, so its preserve natural taste n freshness..give it a try,it worth to grow its by u're own..neway,for those who miss tomato man like me,here the theme song from tomato man series,with a lyric too..hihi

tomato tomano tomato matok,
tomato tomano tomato matok
tomato ke mizaru
tomato ke miza..u
tomato yate i ka kuda monnoka
tomato juzsubanominonate
tomato keca abut tak kiru monno
karu ka karu kade kasbishita’e
sora sora kotaewot
kokenoto tomatoman!
tomato tomado yu tomato matok
tomato tomado yu tomato mato
tomato ki itta’u tomato ki itta’u
tomatoman !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

past present future~

i'm not living to think of the past neither the future..i'm living for the present..future is unpredictable n the past was something bygone..its worth nothing to think both..we couldn't grab the past again,coz its farthest distance, u just could remind of it..n the future,is something we never know,we can plan,but the result maybe different, in future we also will dispose..its time that we can't ever imagine..n beyond our knowledge, i'm living for the present..cos its the only time i fell n experince everything,there's no memories or suprise..we just let our self go through with the time and situation, we can't avoid it by fact..actually, i avoided myself from thinking sumthing from the past, coz its sumtimes really hard to remind it and in other time its make me ungrateful to live in the present..like i really need time machine to travel back to pastime..and it also not me to think of the future, future is not the life that u predict, not the life that u aspect to be like u're dream, i'm not dare to dream thoroughly, i have lots of dream, n not devoted to only one, i like to keep myself lots of options for the future,coz future is really strange to me, the place that by a chance i will reach someday n have no idea how its will be..so that how i set my mind, not to think both!some people would think i'm forgetful, and some will think i'm lack determination..n i'm really not to think of what other think~for me,we really helpless to think of the past n future~

p/s:i'm not english teacher,so i'm really bad with grammar..fuhh..
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

is it wrong to dream my dream??

~sungguh tidak faham..salahkan kita mempunyai mimpi dan memimpikan mimpi-mimpi kita tu??my friend said this to me...long before.."alah,mimpi je,tak kena bayar pun"..i really dun't understand why people question my dream..its mine not yours..its not means that semua mimpi akan jadi kenyataan..and i'm fully understand that..i just dream my dream that make me happy to think of it..its not means i need to fulfill all my dream..why took it seriusly??like i need to achieve all those dream..or just becoz i had so much dream??adalah lebih baik mempunyai banyak mimpi,kerana lebih bnyak peluang untuk disediakan for future..that why i had many dream in my mind..becoz of the time barrier, i can't fulfill any dream for now...but when the right time come, i will choose the best dream to make it real...why its so hard to understand huh???like my dream really bother u enough..i'r really grateful with my life and what i'm doing right now,and i'm still happy with it..but expectation orang disekeliling sungguh membebankn kepala!!kenapa sushkn kepala memikirkn saya??adakah saya sedang merempat meminta sedekah ditepi jalan,atau tidak ada baju untuk dipakai, atau sgt bodoh untuk berusaha,adakah saya sedang goyang2 kaki menikmati hidup??seperti org gila ditgh2 jalan...anda yang berkenaan sepatutnye susah hati,jika tiap2 malam saya pegi melepak dengan mat rempit atau menghabiskan duit anda utk kepentingan saya...but i did none of it,i'm still studying to fulfill my dream, i'm strugle with my own kudrat to earn money even not much...and i have lots of dream for my future..that make u think i'm nothing...is that so???adakah saya yang tidak bersyukur dengan diri saya..atau anda yang tidak bersyukur dengan apa saya lakukan skrg??adakah anda rasa impian2 saya sgt bodoh dan tak masuk akal sehingga sgt menyusahkan hidup anda??apakah yang anda harapkan sebenarnye??saya menjadi org berguna...adakah saya tidak berguna??

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