Friday, February 26, 2010

turn back~

its happened last week..while we were busy working in the of my kitchen mate(sebab saya tak keje kat opis ye:P) inform us that the day after tommorow will her be her last day working of my senior asked her.."nak pegi mana ko lepas nie"..n dia ckp..nak hijrah la pulak..actually she will further her study abroad..and this girl memang suka sangat berpindah randah..dah bnyak tempat dia keje before i met her..then my senior said.."ko asyik nak hijrah je".."memang la..nak cari pengalaman"kata this gal..memang ada betulnye kata dia..n than my senior mention again.."hijrah sekali dua mungkin untuk kebaikan..tapi dah asyik berhijrah sangat..dah mcm melarikan diri..hijrah ni tak perlu banyak2..bila kita tak dapat ape yang kita nak..tak perlu hijrah lagi...ko tau ape nak buat" kitchen mate ni diam je..tak jawab ape apepun kat senior kitorang plus dia pun mls nak layan senior tu..tapi saya yang duk dengar sesi soal jawab derang..tertanya-tanya dalam hati..ape nak buat ye lepas hijrah2 tak dapat ape2 perubahan pun..senior ni plak macam tau2 je saya tunggu jawapan..then he said.."bila kita dah banyak berhijrah and tak de kebaikan..kita kembali ke pangkal jalan..start all over again"...i'm definitely agreed with his answer..kadang-kadang..kita asyik tercari-cari...n slalu nak je nak berhijrah sana sini...tukar keje itu..tukar keje ini...mmg slalu la nak berubah..dalam sibuk kita nk buat perubahan tu..kita tak tersedar pulak..kita ni dah tersesat jalan..banyak sangat kita simpang yang telah kita redah..our journey not point to our destination anymore..kita hanyut sendiri..n then masa nie kita perlu ingat..untuk kembali ke pangkal jalan..jadi kita yang dulu..and start another new life again..No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back. ~ Turkish proverb.
Thursday, February 25, 2010

another long hiatus~

after another long hiatus..suddenly dapat ilham balik nak berblog..perlu ke ilham..actually..i write when i bored to lappy currently with my sister since her lappy accidentally coma for no skang lappy dia kat icu..then my lappy la jadi plak..i used my old pc..that my father usually used to read his daily updated global or so whatever information through the blog or website yang mengarut2 for me..hahaha..hal2 orang2 tua jangan i mention this is my old pc..of course it has too much lacking..the cd player could not longer the speaker made no sound..which cause me a big2 prob..boring tak pat layan suju kat youtube or tengok citer i really dunno what to do..than baru la teringat saya masih ada blog yang da bertaun terabai..since my last post was on december 2009..n now oleady 2010..dah dua taun berlalu..:D...n most important things..i forgot to wish happy new year to my blog..Happy belated New year than..thinking of ages..make my smile gone away..ganno be 25 years old by this coming MAY.. i really have nothing to proud of..still struggle with my career yet..old bad habit that never change..still single and available:P..owh mention about single..i will try my best to get married soon..:)..its not important to have a boyfriend but its priority to have a husband..may Allah heard me..currently have my practical at kitchen hotel..which teach me lots about the truth of life..setiap pengalaman ada harganya..hanya kita yang perlu belajar mencari nilainya..i never plan to have practical here..but still i'm enjoy everyday i have here..overbusy with my cupcakes business..have a saving now..n i'm happy with that fact..banyak yang dipikirkan sekarng..try to reflect my self in many ways..i want to change constantly with my age...becoming myself..reflection on growing up a phrase..when u in rome..act like a roman..when u ages be wise and mature.. i will be a better person soon..a promise to my own self..i will try my very best in life!!hope in future..not much regret to remind!!

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