Friday, September 17, 2010

lets "pasta"-ing !!

its time for pasta...effect from overdose of korean drama "PASTA"...hehehe...^__^..the drama was good so this pasta i made..hahaha..for those who not very familiar in cooking pasta..i give u a simple summary about this delicious food..originated from Italian cuisine, has many variety and shape..for example, the pasta i made is using spaghetti since only this available at my house for time being, more info of pasta here..pasta commonly used olive oil,tomatoes and Parmesan cheese as it basic ingredient,but nowadays, pasta can be cooked in variety of style, whether u like it creamy, sourly, spicy..its all depends on u're taste and occasion, for me..i enjoy creamy pasta most...creamy shrimp pasta..emm..delicious..usually, i added lots of Parmesan cheese before its all goes to my mouth:D..enjoy~
its nice to enjoy pasta while listening to KYuhyun voice..(^_^)..perfect combination!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

sepasang baju melayu untuk ayah!!

As the month of Ramadan nearly to end, the mood of eid Mubarak become more excited. I went for baju raya shopping a few days ago....and there, saya terserempak dgn beberape pelangan lain who also have their hari raya shopping in the same boutique with mine. Nothing seem special, until this old average man, smiled at me and later, i noticed that,this average of malay's grandpa went to this boutique with his daughter. I saw him, mencuba beberape helai baju melayu, and i got it, dia ke butik tu untuk membeli baju melayu. He seem a litle bit shy, when his daughter trying to match him with a few of baju melayu. And this old man said,"ayah tak kisah baju mana-mana pun", he smile brightly while his daughter busy here and there trying to find the best baju melayu for him. From a far, i just keep my eyes for both of them...and deep in my heart, saya rasa sangat terharu dengan kesungguhan anak beliau meluangkan sedikit masa mencari sepasang baju melayu untuk beliau...dan dari riak si ayah, saya dapat melihat betapa dia gembira dengan kesungguhan anaknye mencari sepasang baju melayu yang terbaik untuknya, lucky him to has a daughter like that. When our parents reach their golden days, i thought this little sacrifice will bring full of joy in their life. Sepasang baju melayu untuk ayah, begitu besar maknanya. Hope i also have that chance, Sepasang Baju Melayu untuk ayah, Insyallah!!

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