Tuesday, April 6, 2010

midnight baking!!

to say always not..but frequently yes..i do love baking so much..and recently i already set up my small homemade bakery online..and its really hit up day after day..i'm happy and sumtime proud with that fact..to say i'm success the path still long and shadow..but enough with my limited time,knowledge and ability..its will BIGGER one day..more than u imagine ..no no..as ElF...it said Beyond u're Imagination:)

i baked my cookies at 4 am for sure..and i called its as mind therapist..hahaha...sumhow..its really works to me..depress means baking...prob means baking again...tension means baking...happy means u really should do u're baking:)...in short...i do heart baking..hehe..making choc chips cookies this early hours..its not my first time oso making this cookies..but tonight just really happy with how's the recipe bring the satisfying result...hehe..this is choc chic cookies that i craved for a very long time..its thin..crust and of course chewy...that how its should be..but a little bit sweet for my tongue...i guess its will really goes well with a glass of milk..what the heaven...:)..unfortunately no single sign of milk left in my refrigerator for now..so just enjoyed its with a glass of plain water while surfing the internet until i just notice its already 5 am..so gud nite:)



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