Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Memory of Ramadan!

Ramadan reach us again, with prosperous and glory...we enter the battle again, a war between u’rself ad nafs.. this is a month which full of blessing and love from Allah to all his servant in this universe..Thanks Allah because i’m still breath and healthy to face this Ramadhan..mungkin sudah jadi kebiasaan for us to wish each other happy Ramadan setiap kali datangnye bulan yang penuh berkat ini...i got a wish from my best friend yang dah lama x jumpa..she sent me a simple wishes, but for me its full of meaning “ Slmt bp0sa jiha.rndunye g terawih kt surau asiah 2 dgn ko.huhu”...dulu masa study kami berterawih sama2 kt surau hostel kami surau asiah...after bukak pose,my friend will knock my door and urge me yang tengah malas2 to go for a terawih together..n then kami sama2 turun pegi surau kt bawah..its not big deal mungkin..but that the last terawih i performed with her, and that also my last ramadhan with her and other friends at uia..that really a though ramadhan for me..i’m struggle with myself a lot during that Ramadan..and not long after that i choose to leave uia,and that how everything suddenly end..Even today, i still cannot avoid to tear up while remembering all this moments..sudah banyak masa berlalu...and how the story of us pergi terawih sama2..sudah menjadi cerita lapuk dan jugak satu kenangan...



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