Monday, August 30, 2010

Salam Merdeka!!

Yes, we still here, celebrating 53rd independent day of Malaysia. The land where the breath began, and where the first step counted..I'm Malaysian,anak Malaysia and that the fact. This land marked all memorable memories that i gone through. The land which supposedly full of tradition, pride, manners and the spirit of "kepahlawanan melayu". But, we not seem much of it today..frankly speaking, I'm not that type of patriotism person..just in deep of my heart, i still have a feeling, a grateful feeling by the fact that we still living in peace and harmony. Beside, much of political drama we heard and saw today, we still have freedom to live as we wish on our own land. The food is enough, the house is comfortable,the clean water still running,the ocean still provide food and leisure, no military war or nuclear exposed,we still laughing, hanging with friend and family, we still own the land,we still have a neighbour to share our happiness, we still have modern cities and civilization..and we never imagine,how if everything suddenly ending??



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