Monday, June 21, 2010


its long2 holidays..n saya sangat boring!!suddenly rasa seperti ingin menulis..random topic anyhow..just feel to write this in very long time ago....i have a list of people that i consider stupid in my point of view...its not very long long list after just a simple list...n the list make up by me..i'm not trying to manipulate the definition of stupid any how..just share my 10cent of thought...

i used to know sumone..who claimed intention dia adalah untuk makan for example..but then dia acted of drinking water..stupid rite??adakah niat menghalalkan cara??adakah jika kita kata "kita tidak berniat untuk makan tapi kita makan..." adakah niat dan perbuatan tu sama??i hate those people who used intention as a excuses to seek forgiveness by saying he/she not mean the acted that he/she did..human got a brain rite...that what make u different from an elephant which live in the think carefully before u acted!!consider other please!!

and i also used to know sumone..when we give them chance to correct the wrong doing or unwanted situation but he/she totally ignored or deny it without having a second though..u're definitely monkey's baby man...u not loose u're pride if u say the thumbs of rule..because every people did a mistake..n they always have chance to make it right unless u're really stupid or blind!!

people love to joke rite???its a joke man...nothing serious..its not big deal..i'm just joking..i'm trying to be funny..i'm just playful person..n u're my friend..but least u should has moral while joking rite??..its will make u respected and not look like a fool statue!!n..while joking people might be unexpectedly switch on the wrong button..that how the anger explode..n in worst case scenario..maybe it will cause a death!!sumhowe they just don't know how stupid their joke is..stop doing a stupid joke...n maybe u has a chance to be a murder!!be wise man!!

its stupid when sumone who not really understand u said that they truly understand can meh...saya sndiri tak pernah phm diri saya..n how could u then..we are not wearing a same shoes any how...even how hard u try to fit u're foot in my shoes..but the truth still the truth...u just not me anyhow...i'm maybe live in the jungle because i'm too selfish...but u live in town still do not know how to civil!!

how can people care for their pride n air muka tapi masih menjatuhkn maruah org lain in front of org lain..maybe the others just not important...yeay its seem true..we as human..just too selfish..that the either...but still as a human its important to show the other a respect..unless u are soo ignorant!!

i never played that game with u..because i care for u,the fact that i know u will hate it...n i'm also hate it..but it seems so easy for u to play it with other before taking any consideration into u're account..other maybe heartless or u can fool them!!its easy rite..its seems like u're the most clever creature in this entire world..but the fact u just the stupid donkeys in my eyes!!

when people did a wrong thing and totally put the blame to other....(yeah..its sound familiar rite)..most people do it...because of what??because they r really have no brain!!

when sumone hurt us...and we feel like a fool or sad..should we pretend not to get sad or get mad??people who lie to their own self..really stupid...bukan tak boleh nak pretend...but pretend bila kita rasa nak pretend bukan sebab nak jaga hati org lain...we're not born to be the heart's keeper..we're are born to consider other..its different..if we feel mad..then we mad..don't said no..

why ada manusia yang sanggup diperbodohkan even they already know the truth??that u deserve the makin hamun??n its not from u're parents..its from u so called gf/bf..u have nothing attached with him/ don't waste u're time..and jadi masa kebodohan mereka..sebab if u let that happend u really more stupid dari mereka yang memperbodohkan anda..u have a chance to be free n well love blind or u who choose to close u're eyes n menjadi buta

i'm already sleepy...n feel stupid because still open my eyes at his hour...i know i should sleep..have a work to do tommorow:D..i'm just writing for heart mom birthday tommorow..:D



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