Friday, October 15, 2010


Crochet is from French word which mean hook..that what i got from Wikipedia..hehe..its an art, a part of craft and i heart it:D...crochet maybe agak tidak dikenali sgt make it Malay we call it "kait jarum satu" yes that true..yang mak2 awak buat alas meja tu..or mungkin jgak kasut baby awak..hehe..actually i'm happy with the fact that i can master this skill even not yet reach professional standard...klu gitu mesti banyak alas meja kait kat umah saya kan??oh so no no no..i'm not kait alas meja,never..ermm..i made one,tapi terbengkalai sejak berabad dulu kut..i learned this skill since i was 10 years old..that time,my nenek sedara taught me how to mengait..every weekend "tok cik" we called her, will spent her weekend at my house, and that time, she had part time job, selling kopiah kait..she had very impressive skill, but semua tu part of kenangan.."tok cik" pun da lama kembali ke rahmatullah..but still, i'm able to inherit that skill from mom's also my guru for this skill..there's simple key point to learn the art of crochet, master the basic and u will boom..hehe..i'm saying the truth any how..its like u reading the manual, crochet has the coding that u need to understand, dulu my mom belajar mengait alas meja dari buku jepun..even tulisan mmg septah haram x dipahami,but the illustration will ensure u to understand all the technique used..nowadays, i just learn it from internet or youtube,google it,everything there!!ape yg saya kait ye??..hait, i made amigurami..its a type of crocheting which i believe originated from japan,since its name also amigurami which is from Japanese word is it??
i crochet a soft toy, like bunny, heart etc etc etc..between i also crocheted flower, headband, pouch,and etc etc..its fun,believe me..get u're hook and yarn..lets start crocheting:D



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