Sunday, March 9, 2008

survey on me...

Tell Everyone About Yourself
Time started::5.10 pm
Basic About you:
Height::164 cm..
Eye color::black..
Hair Color::black..well i'm asian..
Birthday::may 1985
Zodiac Sign::gemini..
Ring Size::erm??
More about you:
Are you named after anyone?:nope..i'm named after born...:)
Do you live in the moment?:i live in da' house???haha
Do you consider yourself tolerent to others?:i think so..
Do you have any secrets?:anyone don't??
Do you hate yourself?:i love myself..alwayz love..even i hate it..i still want to love it..
Do you like your handwriting?:yes..
Do you have any bad habits?:again..anybody don't??
If you were another person, would you be friends with you?:yes..i like myself as a friends...
Any regrets?:pastime...
Do you think life has been good so far?:yup..hwaiting!!
Are you confident?:not too much...
How long does it take you to shower?:15-20...or just 5 min in hurry..haha
What color is your room?:pink...
Where do you want to attend college?:i i left...start from new dot!!
Do you...?
Do drugs?:nope..
Drink?:nope..hey seem i'm a good gurl??haha
Go to church?:never..i go to mosque..
Sleep with stuffed animals?:i hate my mocha(cat)..
Take walks in the rain?:i wish to..but its end up scolded by my mom..hey..u will get flu..
Talk to people even if you hate them?:yup.its nope a border to stop me..
Believe in premarital sex?:y should i??
Want to get married?:yes..
Want to go to college?:i went there..
Want to have children?:yes..
Sing in the shower?:alwayz forgot the can i???
Get along with you parents? them..
Get along with your sibling/s? them too..
Color/highlight your hair?:just black..never change..
Like coffee?:i'm preffer tea..
Wear makeup everytime you go out?:just simple..
Love roller coasters?:y not?its fun sumhow..
Like to cook?:*________*..yes i'm....
Have you ever...?
Hurt yourself? :alwayz..
Been out of the country?:yes..
Been in love?:love is unversal..but with that "sumone just no...
Done drugs?:never...
Gone skinny dipping?:i'm fatty...
Had surgery?:never...
Played strip poker?:never...
Been on stage?:yes..koir..nasyid???haha..long2 time ago
Pulled an all nighter?:erm??
Gone one day without food?:yes..excitedly enjoting my life..forgot to eat..
Slept all day?:yes..i love to sleep..
Kissed a stranger?:never..
Had a dream that came true?:sum come true..sum true come ..felt many time..
Broken the law?:speeding??
Stolen anything?:cash machine??haha..
Been on radio/tv?:nope...
Been in a mosh-pit?:nope...
Bungee jumped?:nope...
Had a dream that kept coming back?:yes..alwayz..i remember my dream well..
Gone out of state?:sumtimes..
Live in other states?:i had..
Eaten an entire box of oreos?:nope..i nope choc eater however...
Had a movie marathon?:yes..alwayz..korean d made me insane..
Spun until you were immensely dizzy?:had i??
Been on a plane?:what to say..i just been on a bus..
Ran into a wall?:that crazy??will u?
Been rejected by a crush?:nope..
Cried in public?:yes..when my cousin left us...parmenantly...
Cried over a movie?:yea..touching by them..
Pranked called someone?:i love to..
Gotten a cavity?:i went to dentist..
Shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch?:well..i just went to giant..haha
Broken a bone?:never...
Fallen from a tree?:never..
Passed out?:never...
Been to a theme park?:yes...remind me of genting!!
Eaten sushi?:hate them..but love their cute n seems delicious even nope..haha
This or That
Pepsi or Coke::sky juice..
McDonalds or BUrger King::kfc??
Chocolate or Vanilla::vanilla..
Black or White::both..yin n yang..
Burgers or Hot dogs::apam balik??haha
Boxers or breifs::kain batik???
Book or magazine::both..
TV or radio::tv n internet...
is the glass half empty or half full::any different???
sun or moon::day n night..
hot or cold::summer n winter..
romantic comedy or thriller::both..
waffles or pancakes::beskot kering??
Florida or california::hey..where u think i'm??
Black and white or color photos::balck n white..
The city, the beach, OR the country::beach n country..
Tennis shoes or sandals::depends..
Sweet or sour::salty..
Private or publie school::i jest left them..
Cappuccino or coffee::tea..tea..tea..i hate keffein..
English or history::mandarin..korean..
Science or math::art..
Do you believe ...?
in miracles? is full of miracles..
in magic?:david blaime??such a trick..
in God?:yes.and HE's the only ONE!!
in Satan?:yes..they exist no matter what..
in ghosts?:ghost goes to satans..
in luck?:nope..i'm beleive in faith...
in love at first sight?:yes..its faith however..
in Santa?:hey..santa just a big lie..
in the Easter Bunny?:y should i??should human believe the bunny??
in witches?:witches..they r satans however..
that it's possible to remain faithful forever?:are u alien??
in wishing on shooting stars?:just picking star...i wish..
that cussing is a necessity in life?:yes..well..what the court for??
yourself?:y sould believe the others..just myself knows who i'm..
Love and all that -
Do you consider love a mistake?:love is huminity...
If someone you had no interest in had interest in dating you how would you:avoiding..i wont give them a hope to make them suffers in the others day...
Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them?:yes..stranger scared me..
What is worst about the opposite sex?:understanding..
Who and when was your first crush?:when just a little gurl..he's come to my dream..i dun't know whom..
First thing you notice about the opposite sex?:they rough..
Right this moment...
What are you wearing?:t shirt n jeans..
What are you worried about?:future..
What book are you reading?:secret window..four past midnight..stephen king!!
What time is it?
Are you bored?:yes..the answer y i'm here know..
Are you tired?:yes..i could't sleep well last nite..
Are you talking to anyone online or on the phone?:no..just i'm am..
Are you lonely or content?:lonely inside..content outside??
Are you listening to music, if so then what?:suju t..u r the only man..chuctchaa..
The Last...
Dream you had::before wake up dis morning..i awlayz dream every night in sleep..
Nightmare::yesterday..eaten the salty crab..whatz a dream??
Time you cried::2 month ago..i cried lots to think my life..
Movie you watched::il-mare..
Movie you rented::nope..just download it from that harder then rental??
Book you read::i'm reading..
Word you said::where's my book??asking my sister..
Time you laughed::last night before scolded by my brother..
Person to call you::my mum..
CD you played::installer window xp..haha
Song you listened to::suju suju..
annoyance::by my student..
IM sent or recieved::last night from didot n oren..
Time you yelled::3 days student just unbehaved..
Person you yelled at::my naughty student..
time you were a skirt::hehaha..wehn i was a little girl..
time you fought with your parents::2 or 3 week ago..
Time you wished on a shooting star::now..
Thing you ate::steam bun..
Time you showered::3 hours ago..
Nail polish color worn::never...
Your favorite:
Type of gum::mint n fruity..
Restaurant::i preffer cooking...
Season::winter..autumn..come on..malaysia have no snow at the all..
Type of weather::rainy dayz..not heavy one..
Emotion::weird..darkness in the windy dayz..
Color::balck n white..but i'm not to choosy..
Pizza topping::pepperoni n cheese ... apple a day keep the doctor away??haha
Veggie::anything pun boleh...
Type of cake::white choc mecadamia..
Magazine::usually nope too intrested..anythng can..
TV Show::suju suju..evrything about super junior!!hwaiting..
Day of the week::friday..
Holiday::redang island..any island pun boleh..
Number::7..but always stucked with 8..
Sport to watch::i hate them..preffer to play by own than watch..but i watched badminton last nite...haha
Time Finished::5.45
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