Friday, October 30, 2009

man and his bicycle~

i have a good story to tell..this evening i went off for a night market alone..looking here and there...and its already dark, then i decided to go back...during my way back, i stop to buy a medicine for my eyes effection ,the clinic was not far from my home, when i reached there, the clinic was still closed, i knew that i'm early, but i decided to stay until its open,not worth of going back either..there no more other patient yet,so i stayed in the car and enjoy some music to xerox the time...after a math, a car park beside me, there was an uncle and his daugther..they also keep waiting around there...then the main actor of this story make his apperanced, from a far i saw and average man paddling his bicycle and he also wearing the safety fluorescenec jacket ...he parked his bicycle exactly in front of the clinic...he's not so old maybe arround his 40 or 50, have malay tan short he's just an average malay man by his identical "kampung" face...sudenlly an uncle that came with his daughter just now broke the silent, he asked this "kampung" uncle where he come from..calmly this uncle said he's came from the village that worth of 20 km from the clinic..and of course by his bicycle, he added that he begin his journey an hour before the current time...from my car, i clearly can heard the conversation between this man, its took me for a while to adapt the reality face by this man, in this modern life, almost people have their own transport and of course not a bicycle..i'm very pleased and grateful by the fact that i have a car to move from one place to another...the long and though journey of this man only worth of two types of medicines , he went there just to buy medicine and not to have appointment with the doctor, when i stand beside him, i could smell the strong odor from his body...i know how much hardship he gone through to arrive there...there's a rain all the day, the bicycle just an old one, the road his taken in fact was really busy,and it was a long journey in the dark...inside, i felt very symphaty toward this man, and i keep wondering how much we have that the other don't...should we happy for what we have??or maybe our hapiness is the tears of the another..


qiqi lala said...

tetibe tringat kat pcik "x elak, langgar" kat the store dulu..kakakaka

virgin soul said...

xbek qiqi...pakcik tu len..pak cik ni len...pak cik xelak langgAR tada akai!!!hahaha


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