Tuesday, October 27, 2009

as train passed by~

I'm waiting for my train in an old railway station..i believe this station had much memories of pass..i'm waiting silently..i've told myself...the train will still coming and i will traveling again to another unseen land...i'm bored to death while waiting, no much people hang around..just an old man smoking his pipe diligently..a road cat that surely suffering from this empty world chasing each other for a piece of leftover meat that they might found from nearby old restaurant..and i'm wondering..why myself here..why everything seems very clasical and fade throughhly...i forgot how time change my life..suddenly i found myself alone in this empty old station..i know i need to move on...and i'm still waiting for my train to bring me..and i already have my own realistic imagination of future path..i see a rainbow with its seven beautiful layers of colours waving for me....i grasp my ticket vigorously...how should i convince myself that i'm waiting for the right train..how if my train already left..should i run after the train that have already gone..i'm still nervous inside..its not an easy situation to make any remarkable decision..we never now when times is right..we never have idea of future...and i need to go..from afar i heard a whistle of train..i step foward..i carry up a full beg of memories, i step inside the train with doubt and curiousity..for the last time..i see a path of road that i left..the old station, the old man, the fighting cat..the pastime...my tears begin to rolls as the train passing..~the note to remember my old days...indeed i'm happy with what i have today..



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