Friday, October 23, 2009

how far will u run??

if u are given a far will u run from u're current state??take piece of moment..think about it..because its reflect how far u really want to escape from u're own problem..problem that u're face in u're everyday life..and how much its burden u're current condition...probably the bigger the problem..the farthest distance u will go...when we live in this unconditional situation..we feel a big stone humping on our chest...we cannot run from it...and its even more painful to escape...its keep crashing..its hard to live..its hard to breath...we really want to go somewhere that cannot been touch by this cruel reality..we want to run as far as we can..the point here...when u face this condition..think...and u will big u're problem is...think also..what u want to see in u're next move..maybe u want live by the sea..crowded place..big side...or wild life...and what u will do??being a striper??noble people??teacher??a litle kid..hyper active teen??and what personality will u taken??a kind women??a gentle man...brave heart??super power??its a good point to reflect u're self..the things u the things u want to change about u..or u have no chance to do it...or somethings that will make u perfect and way from u're problem..just ask u're self to understand u're problem!problem is not to solve..also not to neglect..just think wisely..u will know how to keep moving..anyway problem is not enemy..its part of life!!



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