Friday, November 6, 2009

a story of rainy day!!

its raining here lately...nothing much to do..and sleeping of course, become a big pleasure under this circumstances...with the blanket covering your cold body...and the evil smooth cold wind.....u have no other request to answer..hahaha...yesterday i went back from campus...then i went off to our small little town to buy some stuff for my cupcakes ordering...i did some walking as i parked my car in great distance from this confectionery shop and out of the handbag string parted...omg..not now...after bought needed stuff..i rushed to repair my handbag...because of the rainy day, every movement become extremely complicated and uncomfortable..finally i manage to find repairing in our place, it very easy to find shoemaker, he exactly not make a shoes but repairs some stuff like shoes and handbag..they set up their small stall usually in corner the corridor or alley of case of emergency they are very favorable...the shoemaker took some time to repair my handbag...during waiting i just staring at him doing his job...its not so difficult just need some skill,experienced,patient and logic..and from my point of view.. that is the best implementation for every silent mumbling interrupted as an old lady asked her repaired shoes from the shoemaker.."how much?"..asked the lady...taking out some money from her small pouch..."just 2 dollor mem"..replied shoemaker...the lady give him 10 dollar note..."sorry mem, i don't have any balance, its okay, just pay it another time"...that what the shoemaker told his every customer if he didn't have any balance to give back..."its okay just take this" the old lady pursuing the shoemaker to take 10 dollar note..."no,mem...its just cost two dollars"...they keep arguing for a moment..then the lady said"u just take all this money, and u keep the balance all for youself, buy something good for u'reself neway..i'm sincerely give it to you"...after the shoemaker took the note, the old lady went off with her husband by car...actually, this old lady have 2 dollars in her pouch, i could see it clearly from where i'm standing..she have lots of 1 dollar note with her...she bother to give she really want to give that 10 dollar to the shoemaker from the very beginning..after i took my handbag..i walked comfortably...and my heart keep singing a happy song..the rain drop falls and bring me to life as i realize there's still a kind heart in this modern dreadful century!!



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