Sunday, November 8, 2009

~leave me in my world

leave me in my world..
nobody understand..
the world i have...
let me dance in my square..
i want to be alone..
please don't border me..
i sentence my life..
i live for it..
i breath for it...
whose know what the best for me...
future always in the middle..
don't make any promise...
if u not willing to fulfill...
leave me by myself...
i want my dream..
even its still fogging...
i can see the shadow of horizon..
i hope to reach there by my self..
every favour..
i don't seek any..
because nobody know the world i create...
i'm not easy to understand..
and i want my life just for me..
i'm not live to please..
i'm not open to accept..
i'm complicated yet frightening..
even its hard to step..
i still want to be alone..
let me decide..who can came..
who can go...
they not invited to create another world with me..
i'm selfish??
yes i'm...
because i own my world!!



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