Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i left my blog for too long..can't say i'm busy..but exaCtly i'm lazy..there's many things goes around my life...already ended a session in uitm..almost a year i left my old life at lovely frenz there..but,for now..i dare to say..i choose the right decision...event pastime always remind..but current life also much more better..just hope for future to bring all the dreams..i learn to live my life in my own way..there's no much friend beside me for now...and i'm not excited to add it..those THEM i had enough for me to remind..distance never apart..even how seldom i keep in touch with THEM..but i still think about them almost's hard to forget THEM who shared life with me before..even i never say it with my own mouth..but indeed,i'm really thankful to had THEM in my life..thanks for the FRIENDSHIP we tied..


= jauh atau dekat...
= boys or girls
= rapat atau tidak....
= roommate or hostel mate.. course mate or non course mate..or collage mate
=anybody who are my friend..

........a year passed..made me wondering of U......


Iki said...

dah lama x dengar cerita kamu..:)
rinduuu saya x??hehehe...

harap kamu happy dgn apa yang kamu buat sekarang..yay!!!


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