Tuesday, December 23, 2008

how to keep young..

new year!!i'm climbing the hill of age...its a journey without turning point..i'm growing older for real...when thinking of aging..i'm worry about how i'll look to others..will i'll look over age from my real age..i'm still want to look younger like a teenagers..if its possibles as sweet as seventeen..demand!!demand!!huhuhu..but i'm still want to play in this big playground with my frenz..without any worry of the others expectation...in short!!i'm not ready to grow up!!..thinking responsibility as one self...make me dizzy to faint!!!:P..anyways..who want to grow older??i'm really craving to look young~but i'm not that old..anyhow..when we look younger, we feel younger and better about ourselves. .haha...so i keep myself busy searching the tips and tricks through the internet on how to keep young..furthermore there lots of time to kill...;)


~practice healthy lifestyle constantly..no smoking..no alcohol(not promoted in islam)...having enough sleep..drinking white water 8 glass/day..exercise at least twice a week..balance diet..avoiding junk food..bla..bla..blaa...blaa..

its easy to read as a word...how about implementing??


~ using scrub : body and face
~ use eyes cream..
~ apply body lotion
~ eating more fruit and vegi
~ taking breakfast constanly
~ washing hair properly
~ find out more here

its basic knowledge..everyone know about its..again..how about to implement it??


~ makeup
~ plastics surgery
~ botox

after all the research and reading..i come out with one conclusion..to look young is about discipline or tricks~in one hand is about ourself..in the other hand..find the instant favor to do some lies...huhu.. will i look young???growing up and be mature...is that worse as i think???



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