Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my homecoming~

yeah..finally i made "that" home coming...lived and played again with my deary friends~its really meaningful and refreshing..this homecoming is not just about visiting..its also to open up the old book..clear up my own feeling..and step again along unfinished track..i feel gloomy inside after decided to make this homecoming..wondering..if i will felt upset remembering the old days..and walk on it to clear my feeling...after those unpleasant tragedy in my life...will "they" change??..will i feel abundant??..will i hurt again inside??..but finally..i've been there..for sure...i'm decided to make its as a good memory...appreciated all my time there...make everything i want with them...even its not a big deal..chating and eating...enough to make me smile and happy...thanks to all my deary deary friends... (nij, reen, tim, ben, bash, yaya,zai, didie,marin,jaja,al,idie, fini,adil,zati,and etc..etc..)..u never change even by inch...warm and cherish me just like our oldies...thanks to like they said"friends in college is friends for life"..i agreed with it..u all my friend of life forever...a Big Big thanks.....

life while u can..
love while u can....
laugh while u can..

so..have it all...

sees the day...



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