Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh mY Hector!

I always heart troy!!Always!! An adaptation of Homer's great epic, the film follows the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces and chronicles the fates of the men involved.That what i got from IMDb..Troy is base on true story.. its was one of the greatest war ever!!Terima kasih kepada incik Woflgang Peterson diatas niat murgni beliau bikin ini filim dan juga kerana telah memilih my Big crushed ever to star in this film..tak lain dan tak bukan Mr. Eric Bana..clap..clap..clap..

see see..sungguh menawan dan perkasa!!Hector a prince of troy!!

Eric Bana pegang watak as a hector, an older prince of troy and he has a younger brother named Paris..Orlando Bloom yg tanpa segan silu pegang watak Paris yang manja tu!!

Paris: Do you love me, brother? Will you protect me from any enemy?
Hector: Last time you spoke to me like this, you were 10 years old and you'd just stolen Father's horse. What have you done now?

Hector adalah abang yang sangat penyayang and very protective !!mind that ok!!:D..Seorang Pahlawan yang disegani oleh rakyat dan lawan! Actually, i felt in love with hector not eric person eric bana still hot!!and Hector always all my time crush!!

Sesungguhnye berduka lah saya menonton troy tatkala Hector yang charm itu dibunuh kejam oleh Achilles si prince Greek yang buta hati dan perasaan tu..menonong je ko bunuh hector ye..Kejam Kejam kejam...

Saat Kekasih Hati Dibunuh Kejam!!!

Hector: I've seen this moment in my dreams. I'll make a pact with you. With the gods as our witnesses, let us pledge that the winner will allow the loser all the proper funeral rituals.
Achilles: There are no pacts between lions and men.
[stabs spear into ground, and takes off helmet, throwing it to the side]
Achilles: Now you know who you're fighting.
Hector: [takes off helmet and throws it aside] I thought it was you I was fighting yesterday. And I wish it had been, but I gave the dead boy the honor he deserved.
Achilles: You gave him the honor of your sword. You won't have eyes tonight; you won't have ears or a tongue. You will wander the underworld blind, deaf, and dumb, and all the dead will know: This is Hector. The fool who thought he killed Achilles.

Hector ngan baik ati mintak his last wish from Achilles, satu je dia nak..klu dia mati, dia nk proper funeral rituals..yelah dia kan pahlawan!!klu pahlawan musuh mati pun..dia bagi peluang kat musuh tuk tanam mayat tu leklok..tapi..tapi..Achilles denied his request..boleh ko seret balak aku ngan kuda!!mmg sah hati kering si Achilles ni!!Hate you!!

Hector: If I die...
Andromache: No...
Hector: If I die I don't know how much longer Troy will stand.

See..see..that why today,if u google kat internet..Troy ni diklasifikasikan as a LosT KingdoM..kota yang hilang...troy mana wujud lagi..perdaban troy dah lama mati..klu hector tak mati kena bunuh ngan Achilles..mungkin nasib troy berbeza..coz Hector yang gagah perkasa ada nak pertahankan troy..apa ko dah buat ni Achilles!

Ouch..forgot to mention watak Achilles ni dilakon oleh Brad Pitt..whose said Brad Pitt is damn hot..he's not..he killed my HECTOR!!chet..!!



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