Friday, December 4, 2009

~ a dream come true..

yeah that happened finally after a few series of terror dream lately...but this dream come true in my dream last night..even its not reality dream that come true in fact i'm really happy with its...hope the real series of broken dream in reality will fade away..i take this dream as a turning point...i wish for a better life from nowadays on..i hope only happy event will made my days..the broken dream that i faced lately..really effect my way of thinking and confidence..i'm not dare to dream anymore...i lost myself that i knew was dark..i'm really scare and my heart froze from coldness..back to dream that i dreamt last night...actually, this is not first time i dream this dream in my sleep...its happened almost 10 years ago maybe..its about someone that i'm really want in my life back then..but as i grow bigger and start to face the reality..this person not become my priority anymore...i almost forgot this person from my mind already..since i knew this person..i started to have this same dream continuously..maybe 2 or 3 time a my dream about this person..i always found myself chasing this person continuously until I'm the end of my dream I never met this person..i always failed even i'm struggle really hard to find this person...but last night dream was really different...i'm not running for this person anymore..we just suddenly meeting and end up this person himself come to me..we had happy conversation and i also able to tell this tired i am chasing for him before..i know its really childish to mention this type of dream..anyway..i'm not see this dream as only a meeting with my past admire...but i think this dream give me hope thats sumthing i wish in my life will become true sooner..i pray hard for its..i hope this bad curse will disappear and the sun will smilling again..



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